Camp for free with us Friday Night June 12th, and Saturday the 13th. Be able to take in the complete experience by camping with your family and friends. Spots are limited and we are anticipating them going fast. Camping tickets come with one Vehicle camping pass, one Camping pass. You can place an RV, Camper or tents on your 25′ x 35′ area. Maximum number of people per spot is 10. Once you have purchased your ticket, please contact Sandy Hellermann @

Camping is Free and Included with ticket purchase.

Camping Information

General Onsite Camping Info & Rules

All camping attendees must be 18 years of age or older and have valid ID or else be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Sorry, no exceptions.
Each camping attendee must have their own valid festival pass for entrance.
All on-site camping opens Thursday at 4:00pm and closes on Sunday at noon Early arrival is recommended Thursday.
CHECK IN TIMES: Cars driving in to check in for Car Camping, Tent Camping  Fri-Sun from 4:00p-9:00p.*time subject to change
Check-in for pedestrians is 24-hours.
Please be advised all car/tent camping lots will be on lock down between the hours of 10pm – 2am nightly. If you need to leave prior to 2am on Sunday, you need to do so before 10pm.
Once a vehicle vacates their spot, they are relinquishing their right to the camp site and any items remaining in the camp site will be considered trash and permanently disposed of.
All camping attendees are subject to search upon entry.
All general Car Camping and Tent Camping attendees can visit each others’ campsites.
There will be on-site security at all times.
First aid stations will be open 24-hours.
Feel free to bring your own food and beverages into on-site camping.
Please refer to Camping FAQs for additional Camping questions.
Venue/promoter are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended that you do not bring valuable items. If you do bring valuable items, please lock them in your car. Do not leave valuable items in your tent.
All campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers.
Noise curfew is at 2:00am.

KEEP IT CLEAN – The great people of Sauk Centre and The Stearns County Fairgrounds have allowed us to use the area for us all to have a GREAT TIME, so help all of us KEEP IT CLEAN. Pick up your area and put all your trash in the large dumpsters and totes around the camping and festival area. The local garbage truck will be by every morning to empty all the dumpsters and totes. Let’s Keep It Clean.
⦁ All spots are primitive, meaning there are no electrical hook ups. except by appointment at the fairgrounds as assigned
⦁ Spots are First Come First Serve.
⦁ Bring your “Print at Home Camping Ticket” to be Scanned on  in order to enter your camp site. We can also scan the Camping purchase bar code off of a smart phone as well.
⦁ The camping area is right to the East of the Stearns County Fairgrounds. Please see the map,
⦁ Your Camping Area Size 25 x 35 or 20’x50’ at the Fairgrounds don’t take more than that.
⦁ All Campers, Tow Behinds and Motorhomes may show up between the hours of 7am and 9pm on Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th
⦁ No quads, side-by-sides, golf carts or any other motorized recreational vehicles may be operated in the campground or festival areas.
⦁ Camping Tickets will come with ONE Camping area parking pass that will allow one vehicle to be parked in your camping area. All other vehicles will need to be parked in the designated Festival Parking Lot. Violators will be towed.
⦁ You cannot Save a Spot for a friend if you want to camp next to each other. You must come to the camping area on the load in day together in line to get a spot next to each other. No Saving Spots.
⦁ The Camping Grounds must be cleared and clean by 4pm Sunday. Then we will see you next year!
⦁ There are No Refunds on Camping Tickets or Festival Tickets
⦁ Camping Tickets do not include Festival Tickets
⦁ Must have ID’s on you at all times. Be Cool when asked to see it.
⦁ You must have a Festival ticket in order to be in the camping area
⦁ All vehicles in the Camping Areas must have a Camping Area Parking pass, including all recreational vehicles.
⦁ Generators must have proper muffler system and must be shut off at 2am every night but can be turned back on at 8am.
Quiet Time starts at 2am
⦁ No Drones in the Camping Area or Festival Area
⦁ No Weapons of any sort are allowed in the Camping Area or Festival Area
⦁ Absolutely NO PETS in the Camping Area or the Festival Area
⦁ Be Cool and respect each other- We are all here to have a Goodtime
⦁ No Glass Containers in the Camping Area or Festival Area
⦁ No outside food or beverages are allowed in the Festival Area.
⦁ No soliciting your product of any kind in the Camping Area or Festival Parking Lot. Only stand up celebration sponsors and affiliates are allowed.
⦁ Clean up after yourself. We want it to look like it did when we got here. Please be respectful of the land. There will be plenty of trash cans and dumpsters around to put your trash in.
⦁ All Patrons assume complete risk and responsibility for any theft, damage, injury to personal property or person. The Eagles Healing Nest and Stand up Celebration will assume NO Liability or responsibility. No Liability is assumed by The Eagles Healing Nest and Stand up Celebration, owners, sponsors, volunteers, promoters or anyone else associated with the festival.
⦁ Any person consuming alcohol under 21 will be prosecuted and subject to removal of the camping area and the festival area.
⦁ The Eagles Healing Nest and Stand up Celebration and management does reserve the right to remove anyone or group at any time at its own discretion. There are no refunds due to a person or group being removed from the camping area or festival area.
⦁ The Eagles Healing Nest and Stand up Celebration does reserve the right to make any changes at any time as it feels fit to make this a great festival.
⦁ Security will be present in the camping area and festival area.